I have had many procedures at River Radiology from PET scans to Mammograms. I have never had a bad experience. Everyone here has always treated me with gentleness and kindness and have been so respectful of the procedure and under what conditions it is happening. It is a great place to come for something so unpleasant. Thank you River Radiology and all of its staff.

All the people working here are absolutely wonderful. Their first concern is for our safety and they ask, sincerely “how are you feeling?” They remain to hear your answer. Very uncommon.

I have been coming here probably for nearly 20 years. River Radiology has been consistently a wonderful place to come. Everyone has always presented themselves with kindness and have also been efficient, polite and conscientious.

I think the staff is wonderful. Having been here before I see that they are all responsive in a mellow and caring way. Particularly, they never seem to be upset by late patients, forgotten information etc. They seem to always be aware that these patients may already be afraid and upset.

I really would like to say it is a pleasure to come here. The staff are wonderful, the place is always clean and the atmosphere is very calming. They have genuine concern for the patients.